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Resourcesort descending Publication Date Author Issues
Housing Data Fact Sheets by County 08/19/2014 Homeownership, Homelessness, Affordable Rental
Housing Landscape 2012 01/31/2012 Center for Housing Policy Affordable Rental
Housing Policy Update - FHLB 2010 Spring Policy Forum 04/14/2010 Liz Hersh, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Federal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs, State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs
Housing Spotlight: The Shrinking Supply of Affordable Housing 01/31/2012 National Low Income Housing Coalition Affordable Rental
Housing Trust Fund Overview 05/29/2007 Mary E. Brooks, Housing Trust Fund Project, Center for Community Change Federal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs, State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs, Affordable Rental 02/14/2008 National Housing Conference and the Center for Housing Policy Affordable Rental, Blight/Land Banks, Homeownership
HUD Section 811 PRA in PA 07/09/2014 Homeownership, Homelessness
Human Services Block Grant Report 01/17/2014
HWR Conference Summary/Evaluation Report 2012 03/12/2013
Inclusionary Zoning: A Framework for Assessing the Advantages and Disadvantages 05/15/2008 Homes for Working Families Blight/Land Banks, Affordable Rental
Information on NDC Housing Development Financing Certificate Program 06/13/2014
Interactive map on housing affordability 03/10/2014 The Urban Institute Affordable Rental
Lancaster County Housing Market Analysis and Needs Study 10/28/2013 State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs, Affordable Rental, Blight/Land Banks
Land Bank Policy Package 09/11/2008 Smart Growth America Blight/Land Banks
Land Bank Training: Erie, PA 07/23/2013 John Kromer
Land Bank Training: Reading, PA 06/28/2013
Land Banking 101: Pennsylvania Land Bank Act 03/21/2013 State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs
Large Majority of Housing Voucher Recipients Work, are Elderly, or Have Disabilities 12/02/2011 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Federal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs
Learning from Success: Building Inclusive Communities in the Real World 06/24/2015 Homelessness
Legislative Briefing 10/8/14 10/08/2014 Blight/Land Banks, Homeownership, Homelessness, Affordable Rental
Legislative Briefing 6/10/15 06/10/2015 Blight/Land Banks, Homeownership, Homelessness
LHOP Landlord Engagement Presentation 04/23/2015
LIGHTSTREET - FINAL ORDER - 04-26-13- SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED 11/06/2013 Blight/Land Banks
LIHTC Grand Opening Guide 01/03/2014
LISTEN IN - Webinar: Hidden Homeless - Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers 04/05/2013 Homelessness


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