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Resource Publication Date Author Issues
Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credit Proposal 04/14/2014
Interactive map on housing affordability 03/10/2014 The Urban Institute Affordability
Crisis Communications and Media Basics 02/13/2014 Liz Hersh and Kirk Dorn
Legislative Briefing 02/12/14 02/12/2014 Federal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs, State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs
Conservatorship Act Checklist 02/11/2014
Affordable housing finder 01/27/2014 Affordability
Human Services Block Grant Report 01/17/2014
Westmoreland County Land Bank Ordinance 01/16/2014 Blight/Vacant Property
Financial impact of blight on the tri-cog communities 01/16/2014 Blight/Vacant Property
FY14 HUD and USDA Budget Chart 01/15/2014 Federal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs
Potential pathways for tax delinquent properties 01/13/2014 Blight/Vacant Property
LIHTC Grand Opening Guide 01/03/2014
NPLS Fair Housing Video 01/03/2014
2014 PHARE plan: Draft out for comment 12/16/2013
LIGHTSTREET - FINAL ORDER - 04-26-13- SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED 11/06/2013 Conservatorship
Lancaster County Housing Market Analysis and Needs Study 10/28/2013 State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs, Affordability, Community Revitalization
Homelessness Summit, Bloomsburg University 10/22/2013
Monroe County Regional Housing Forum 10/22/2013
Legislative Briefing 10/09/13 10/22/2013
Tri-COG Blight Impact Report Documents 10/01/2013 Blight/Vacant Property
Land Bank Training: Erie, PA 07/23/2013 John Kromer
The State Of The Nation’s Housing 2013 07/13/2013 Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies Affordability, Homeowners in Distress
Top Ten Things You Should Know About Pennsylvania’s Land Bank Legislation 07/13/2013
The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Community Outlook Survey 07/08/2013 Blight/Vacant Property, Affordability, Homelessness, Homeowners in Distress, Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Land Bank Training: Reading, PA 06/28/2013


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