Addressing Community Opposition to Affordable Housing Development: A Fair Housing Toolkit

Increasingly housing developers are facing opposition from communities to affordable housing. Often based on myths, stereotypes and outright discrimination, the practices are largely unlawful. Yet developers are often ill-equipped to address this opposition effectively. They lack the tools to educate the broader community and municipal officials, build support for their vision and constructively, yet effectively, move ahead with worthy and responsible projects.

This toolkit is provided by the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania with funding from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) to give developers a working knowledge of fair housing in a form they can use. It gives common sense, hands-on tools to deal with public hearings, building community support, using the media, working with officials, and if need be moving to legal action. It includes an extensive list of websites, articles and books on issues relating to affordable housing development and fair housing, as well as legal resources.

Housing Alliance of PA