New York’s land banks report statewide progress

Newly launched association releases report highlighting impact
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Legislative Summary

A comprehensive round up on the status of legislative efforts

Permanent Affordability: Implementation and Advocacy

What if subsidy could be extended for 99 years? or recycled and reused? That’s the idea behind permanent affordability.

Norristown settle allegations of Fair Housing act violation regarding victims of domestic violence

Under a settlement with the ACLU, Norristown repealed the revised ordinance, removing any potential actions against survivors of domestic violence.
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Legislation to Create a Code Enforcement Fund

The new fund would be administered by the DCED. Grants of up to $100k would be awarded for the establishment or expansion of code enforcement programs designed to mitigate or remediate blight.
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CBPP Appropriations Update

Congress Approves Temporary Funding for FY 2015
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Blight ordinance passed by Connellsville City Council

The ordinance requires owners of vacant or abandoned buildings to be registered with the city.
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