Budget keeps credits, reduces investment

An update on 2014-15 budget negotiations
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U.S. Senate panel backs Julian Castro for housing secretary

The Senate Banking Committee voted 16-6 to place Castro at the helm of the agency.
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Patch up Pennsylvania's housing and house the homeless

We must invest in proven programs to reduce homelessness and blight, argue state senators SHIRLEY KITCHEN and ELDER VOGEL
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Job Opening: Executive Director - Washington, DC

The National AIDS Housing Coalition is seeking a Executive Director!
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Four local communities look to join forces to create land bank

A land bank in the Connellsville area may not be far off if local municipalities can get together.
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Consultants Named for Philadelphia's Land Bank Strategic Plan

Steady progress is being made to create a Philadelphia Land Bank by year's end
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Attitudes Toward Poverty Show Dramatic Change

Americans’ attitudes toward poverty have shifted dramatically over the last two decades.
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