Four local communities look to join forces to create land bank

A land bank in the Connellsville area may not be far off if local municipalities can get together.
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Consultants Named for Philadelphia's Land Bank Strategic Plan

Steady progress is being made to create a Philadelphia Land Bank by year's end
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Attitudes Toward Poverty Show Dramatic Change

Americans’ attitudes toward poverty have shifted dramatically over the last two decades.
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A City's 'Walkability' Drives Real Estate Values

"Cities that want to thrive in our new economic and demographic realities will need to find ways to create and support more of these dynamic, productive walkable districts that are in high demand,"
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PHA, building-trades unions agree to cut labor costs

Philadelphia'she building-trades unions have agreed to cut their wages and benefits by 20 percent when working on residential construction projects for the Philadelphia Housing Authority.
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PA 2014-2015 Budget Summary

Summary and news round-up from The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership
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Looking to realty transfer tax to fund Pa. affordable housing programs

But a bipartisan group of senators is backing a plan that could boost residential housing stock by letting the real estate market do the heavy lifting
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