Berks County Commissioners target blighted properties

The plan is to create a county Blighted Property Review Committee.
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Ford City joining growing fight against blight

An effort to restore rundown properties and return them to the tax rolls is being tagged as the “Blight to Life” initiative by the Ford City planning commission.
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Experiment links stable housing, student performance

Student turnover is destructive to school outcomes for the children who come and go, and for their classmates who have to sit there and watch it happen.
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The Housing Crisis We Don’t Talk About

When Gentrification Isn’t a Problem, Renters Face a Whole Other Set of Challenges
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Editorial: Battling blight is an important part of fighting crime in Springfield

Springfield Police Department has been working on neighborhood sweeps with the Springfield Code Enforcement division in search of unkempt properties and blight.
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New York’s land banks report statewide progress

Newly launched association releases report highlighting impact
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