Affordable Housing Planned for Autistic Residents

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority awarded $2.7 million worth of federal tax credits to three affordable housing developments in Allegheny County.

LTE: Expand Housing Fund's Reach

The Pennsylvania Housing Trust Fund needs to be expanded so that all counties in Pennsylvania can benefit.
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New "Land Bank" to Fight Blight

A Land Bank will be established in Lackawanna County, and will acquire and develop abandoned and tax-delinquent properties.
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New Resource from NHC shows no safe dose of homelessness for children

"Compounding Stress" summarizes findings from data collected from more than 20,000 caregivers of low-income children with public or no health insurance.
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How cities are starting to turn back decades of creeping urban blight

This is the first in Policy Solutions, a Wonkblog continuing series examining policies that work.
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