State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs

State investment in the housing market has a double bottom line: it provides homes and economic growth. Many good state-funded housing programs help provide stable homes and communities for our most vulnerable citizens.  They also help grow the economy by producing jobs and tax revenue and by creating demand for products manufactured right here in the Keystone State. 

Key programs include:

  • Pennsylvania Accessible Housing Program (PAH) modifies homes for low-income seniors and people with disabilities so that they can remain in their homes.
  • Homeless Assistance Program (HAP) prevents and reduces homelessness by assisting families to stay in or move into homes.
  • Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) provides loans to help homeowners pay their mortgages until they get back on their feet, saving 45,000 homes since 1983.
  • Housing and Redevelopment Assistance (HRA) funds community revitalization and projects to develop affordable homes.
  • Legal Aid provides homeowners with representation in foreclosure.
  • Neighborhood Assistance (Tax Credit) Program (NAP) provides tax credits to corporations that contribute to approved community enhancement projects.

News for State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs

Court ruling backs Pa. on ending General Assistance

Advocates for poor and mentally disabled Pennsylvanians led a lawsuit to reinstate those funds yet the court rejected the argument that the law, ACT 80, eliminating General Assistance was passed improperly.
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Bucks County homeless outreach scores government land in Ivyland

The largest provider of homeless outreach programs in Bucks County will soon have a permanent home of its very own.

Future funding for human services headed for fight in Harrisburg

Two contradictory votes set up a showdown later this month over how Pennsylvania counties can pay for human services like mental health care and homeless assistance.
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Will tax financing program expand this year?

Lawmakers seek to extend Allentown program to other cities, possibly via the 2013-14 state budget.

On the House: Shale drilling results in upstate Pa. housing boom

Act 13, passed in 2012, allocates a portion of the impact fees charged drillers to PHARE, a fund to create affordable housing.

Pittsburgh City Housing Authority plans for the future

Facing funding, the new leader of Pittsburgh's largest landlord is setting a Jan. 1 deadline for putting in place what he called "across the board" changes in how the city's public housing is managed.
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Homeless man wants to stay in jail

A homeless man turned down a chance to get out of prison Wednesday because he had no place to go.
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Homeless advocates seek restoration of funding

With the loss of General Assistance, restoring funding to homeless assistance programs is even more important.
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Commonwealth Court hears arguments in loss of General Assistance lawsuit

Act 80 has been challenged by lawyers representing three individuals from the Philadelphia area who lost general assistance and seven statewide organizations.
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PA by the Numbers

PA State Data Center releases County Data Books and offers 2013 Census Data Workshops
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