Poverty Non-Housing Issues

Living in poverty, or avoiding it, poses a range of challenges aside from just housing: health, employment, safety, education, and much more. While these aspects of life often parallel an individual or family’s housing situation, they are also an important piece of their experience and their well-being.

News for Poverty Non-Housing Issues

Barriers to work leave many on welfare

Though she acknowledges significant hurdles for people who want to get off welfare and get a job, Hope Couch, who once worked in the industry that provides cash assistance to low-income families, said she still believes work is the way out of poverty.
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Webinar Recording: Voter Registration Webinar

This webinar is designed to share successful strategies and tools to register voters that can be utilized statewide.

Learn how to give your consumers a political voice

As providers and advocates, we have the unique opportunity to connect those deeply affected by the decisions of our policy makers with the tools to get their voices heard.
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2016 appropriations placed low priority on low-income programs; Better priorities needed for 2017

The 2016 appropriations legislation enacted in December included a number of beneficial funding increases, but programs that assist households with low or moderate incomes fared considerably worse than others, on balance.
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Poor whites live in richer neighborhoods than middle-class blacks and Latinos

Poor whites tend to live in more affluent neighborhoods than do middle- class blacks and Latinos.
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Raising minimum wage would benefit everyone

Increasing earnings for one-fifth of the workforce would reduce federal spending on social programs that were never intended to support people who work hard.
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