Homelessness is a real problem in communities across the Commonwealth — a problem that increasingly involves not only individuals but entire families. On any given day, 16,200 Pennsylvanians are known to be homeless. During one school year, school districts around the state provide services to approximately 13,000 homeless children.  

The issues of affordable housing and homelessness are intricately connected. While circumstantial factors vary, homelessness occurs when people or households are unable to acquire and/or maintain housing they can afford. The chief cause of homelessness in the United States is the scarcity of affordable homes. 

The Housing Alliance has also organized the Homeless Providers Network, a subcommittee of service providers and advocates to develop and focus more resources on the growing issue of homelessness.

News for Homelessness

Experiment links stable housing, student performance

Student turnover is destructive to school outcomes for the children who come and go, and for their classmates who have to sit there and watch it happen.
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The Housing Crisis We Don’t Talk About

When Gentrification Isn’t a Problem, Renters Face a Whole Other Set of Challenges
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Permanent Affordability: Implementation and Advocacy

What if subsidy could be extended for 99 years? or recycled and reused? That’s the idea behind permanent affordability.

Norristown settle allegations of Fair Housing act violation regarding victims of domestic violence

Under a settlement with the ACLU, Norristown repealed the revised ordinance, removing any potential actions against survivors of domestic violence.
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CBPP Appropriations Update

Congress Approves Temporary Funding for FY 2015
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DPW name change approved

A bill to rename the state Department of Public Welfare as the Department of Human Services won final approval
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Norristown revokes ordinance that punished victims of domestic abuse

Norristown agreed to revoke an ordinance that sought to evict a woman for calling the police in several domestic violence disputes.
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