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Hundreds of thousands of blighted or abandoned buildings are spread across Pennsylvania, impeding community and economic development programs and conveying images of old, worn out communities.

At the Housing Alliance, we see these properties in our communities not as the eyesores they are today, but as untapped assets that provide land for redevelopment. Abandoned land, when transformed into productive re-use, is a critical opportunity for our older communities to modernize, revitalize, and grow, and to improve the quality of life for neighbors who are already there.

While addressing blight is a local concern, the solutions are largely enabled by state law. Over the past several years the Pennsylvania General Assembly, in response to demand by local communities, has begun to modernize antiquated laws that stand in the way of local efforts. New individual laws are beginning to weave a policy infrastructure to transform blighted and abandoned property into quality homes people can afford, gardens and farms for fresh food, new businesses and industries that create local jobs. 


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News for Blight/Land Banks

PA Neighborhood Assistance Program Spared from Budget Cuts

The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania announced earlier this month that the program will be spared from budget cuts, but an expansion of the program now seems unlikely.

Housing Advocates Release a Comprehensive Anti-Blight Toolkit for Pennsylvania Communities

Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania provides new “Blight to Bright” manual with key strategies to eradicate blight.
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Venango County commissioners seek comments on land bank plan

The commissioners put a proposed land bank ordinance on public display last month and this week, the panel approved a finalized version of the ordinance for display prior to a vote on the matter in August.
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Grow housing fund, and investments

An op-ed by State Sen. Shirley Kitchen and Elder Vogel
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Slowly but surely, Pa. land banks start to mobilize

PA’s land bank law is third generation, so it’s been able to learn from other states’ land banking laws and improve on them.
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Four local communities look to join forces to create land bank

A land bank in the Connellsville area may not be far off if local municipalities can get together.
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Consultants Named for Philadelphia's Land Bank Strategic Plan

Steady progress is being made to create a Philadelphia Land Bank by year's end
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