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The affordability gap between the cost of a home and what people actually make is present in every community in the state, from the most rural to the most urban, and in every state around this country. High costs force many Pennsylvania workers to over-burden themselves, paying more than they can truly afford just to give their family a place to live.

In 2011, fair market rent of a two-bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania is $837. To afford this rate, one needs to earn $16.09 per hour – but the average renter in Pennsylvania only makes $12.49. The minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, requiring someone to work more than two full-time, minimum wage jobs just to afford a place to live.

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The Problem With the Second Phase of Gentrification

Unlike a generation ago, today’s urban renaissance often displaces people and businesses.
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Philadelphia Social Innovation Journal launches 26th edition

This edition examines the role that CDCs play in assuaging the challenges facing our neighborhoods and in stimulating social innovation at the neighborhood level and developing supportive policies, creating non-traditional partnerships and forging creative solutions to make our neighborhoods, city and region stronger.
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Peduto strikes deal to save affordable housing at Crawford Square

Mayor Bill Peduto has reached a deal to keep affordable housing units at Crawford Square, one of the city’s most celebrated residential developments, after a potential sale put them in jeopardy.
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DHS settles lawsuit over delayed treatment of mentally ill defendants

Pennsylvania has agreed to make sweeping changes in the delivery of mental health services to mentally ill persons facing criminal charges.
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Meeting the challenges of aging in public housing

Public-housing authorities across the country are wrestling with meeting the needs of frail seniors in need of supportive housing, where the services that elderly people need to age in place safely, independently and comfortably are readily available.
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Ideas Worth Stealing: How to recruit more landlords to work with Section 8 tenants

Housing authorities, non-profits, and advocacy groups have started various initiatives to increase the number of landlords who rent to tenants with Housing Choice vouchers.
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Cities look at subsidized housing to stem teacher shortages

Inspired by the success in the heart of the Silicon Valley of a 70-unit teachers-only apartment complex, school districts in high cost-of-living areas and rural communities that have long struggled to staff classrooms are considering buying or building rent-subsidized apartments as a way to attract and retain teachers amid concerns of a looming shortage.
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Economic Development Certification Program in Pennsylvania 2016-2017

Whether you are a developer, CDC, funder, investor, or want to be a more informed partner, NDC will teach you how to obtain sills essential for the successful practice of economic development - business credit and real estate finance analysis techniques, loan packaging procedures, negotiating and problem solving skills and deal structuring techniques.
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