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The affordability gap between the cost of a home and what people actually make is present in every community in the state, from the most rural to the most urban, and in every state around this country. High costs force many Pennsylvania workers to over-burden themselves, paying more than they can truly afford just to give their family a place to live.

In 2011, fair market rent of a two-bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania is $837. To afford this rate, one needs to earn $16.09 per hour – but the average renter in Pennsylvania only makes $12.49. The minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, requiring someone to work more than two full-time, minimum wage jobs just to afford a place to live.

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PHFA Issues Draft 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) has issued a draft of their 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP).
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A hip living space designed for teachers

Oxford Mills is the first development of its kind in the Philadelphia, billing itself as an "urban oasis for teachers and nonprofits."
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On the House: Americans don't feel housing crisis is over

Report finds a significant majority of Americans believe the country is still not past the housing crisis that started in 2008.
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National Housing Preservation Database

A database that provides communities with the information they need to preserve their stock of affordable homes

Affordable Housing Planned for Autistic Residents

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority awarded $2.7 million worth of federal tax credits to three affordable housing developments in Allegheny County.

LTE: Expand Housing Fund's Reach

The Pennsylvania Housing Trust Fund needs to be expanded so that all counties in Pennsylvania can benefit.
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Big Energy & Money Savings in PA Affordable Housing

Basic steps for Pennsylvania's affordable housing will have a huge energy efficiency payoff, according to two new studies.

Midstate wages aren't keeping pace with need for affordable housing

Renters in Cumberland and Dauphin counties need to work more than one job to be able to afford the average rent prices.
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